Organization tips for your Toyota

Summer is over and so are the road trips.  Now it’s back-to-school time, and time to get your vehicle clean and organized. Use the following tips to get you on your way:

  • Thread a rubber band through your air conditioner vent for a makeshift phone holder.

  • Tired of fast food ruining your car floors? Shower caddies are a simple solution to keeping meals in place during a bumpy ride, which is especially helpful with kids.

  • Need a sturdy trash can? Line a large, plastic cereal container with a small trash bag and you’re all set.

  • Remove a sticker. Whether it’s an oil change reminder or a registration sticker, the goo they leave behind is irritating at best. Grab a newspaper and put warm water on it, place it over the registration sticker for approximately 10 minutes, and the sticker residue will be gone.

  • Need to cool your car off quickly? Roll down one window and open and close the door on the other side five to six times. The hot air escapes through the door you’re opening and closing, while the cool air enters through the window on the other side. All without wasting air conditioning.

  • Need a tissue? A reusable coffee mug makes a great holder for tissues, and you know it will fit right into the cup holder in your console.

  • Keep toys, wet wipes, snacks, etc in a shoe bag that hangs from the back of the front seat.

  • Stash a few dryer sheets in your car to keep it smelling fresh.

  • You can slow a crack in your windshield until you can get your car to the shop by brushing clear nail polish on the crack on both sides of the glass and then pull it into the sun to dry.

  • If you have small dents in your car, just push a plunger firmly against it and pull out to see your car go mostly back to normal in just a few seconds.

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